When a crisis ends a crisis

April 23rd, 2019

Planes will crash, oil rigs will explode, food will get contaminated…and old wooden cathedrals will burn down. That’s their nature.

We can sympathise with the people of France on the terrible destruction at Notre Dame, but there are few clouds that do not have a silver lining.

This disaster has taken our minds off the other on-going crises in the world, the economy for example.

The French President M. Marcon has been under fierce pressure from the Gilets Jaunes – the populist movement – on his economic policies. His approval ratings were way down.

But thanks to his expert handling on Notre Dame, his ratings, a bit like the flames, have gone through the roof, with six out ten people saying he did a good job in his handling of the disaster.

How Theresa May must look on in envy from across the Channel. The UK’s Houses of Parliament are in a terrible state of disrepair and it’s going to cost tens of millions and more to repair them.

Wouldn’t it better if there was a nice fire which raised them to the ground so that they could be rebuilt quickly and cheaply, saving the country huge amounts of money and allowing her to deflect all thoughts of Brexit.

Even Donald Trump took time out from the Mueller report saying that Notre Dame should be bombed – with water. And he has the B52s to do it. All very well until someone pointed out that the water would destroy whatever was left of the Cathedral.

Oh well, back to The Wall.

You can’t beat a crisis to end a crisis.

Tom Curtin

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