The ostrich syndrome: the real crisis in politics

May 20th, 2019

Under any definition, there is a real crisis in politics. We may  laugh at the Ukraine electing a comedian as president.

And in Italy, we have the Five Star movement founded by a former clown that is now in government. In the USA, we have a former TV show host as President.

in the UK, the so-called politicians have been clowning around with Brexit for three years. And now they are facing a real crisis.

A really personable guy (if you’re anyway neutral)  called Nigel Farage (he drinks and smokes like a regular bloke)  has a new party that’s only two months old and is now topping the polls as we head into Thursday’s European election.

His movement  is called the Brexit Party and they have one simple policy: leave Europe. Whilst the mainstream juggle with the deckchairs, people are flocking to this simple message.

In France, the gilets jaunes have M. Marcon on the run.

What is happening is a political crisis. And much as the nobility in Europe ignored the plights of the peasants in the late 18th century, today’s established politics classes are heading to have their heads chopped off – metaphorically of course.

There are always warning shocks before the volcano erupts. The wise heed them. The stupid, self-satisfied and arrogant adopt the Ostrich Syndrome and stick their heads in the sand.

The only problem with this is that in this position someone will come along and kick you hard in the ass.

Tom Curtin

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